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Rating: 1

monty88 R&R Products Inc

Awful Customer Service. I recently used R&R to redo the floors in my house. Initially, things went smoothly. I tore up the old floor to save some money, which I had discussed with the owner. Monday arrived for installation, and they had the wrong product. It turned out the supplier had sent the wrong product. R&R had not checked to make sure it was correct when they received it, and so we now had to order different flooring. We ordered the same day, Monday, and the owner told us it would be end of week or the next Monday. I didn't hear anything back until the end of the week, and even then, I had to contact them to find out what was going on. They replied it would be next Thursday without any explanation or even an apology. So I went in to their store with my wife to talk about why it was taking so long and see if we could be compensated for going almost two weeks without floors. The owner was rude, still never once apologized, and basically insulted me. I called every flooring company I could to see if I could get anything else sooner so I wouldn’t have to work with R&R, but it was 2 weeks for everybody, so I had to stick with this company. When they did install, they sent an old man and his 15 year old son. The installation was okay, but I will never go back to this company. They were rude, unprofessional, and extremely expensive for the job they did.